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  • ACC NOW!!!!!! and feel wads it like to be in middle earth battlefield!!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-30 at 4/30/2005 | |


    This post is mainly inspired by charmaine's post....

    Kung kung..

    I have the Greatest,Coolest grandpapy ever, i kid u not.. his great and cool not only because his my grandpa but his great and cool because he is a Japanese that do no harm to any china men back thn in WW2..and by proving that to u, im proudly telling all of u, he married my grandmother, who was a typical hakka girl, they met in a small town in siburan, dispite all the blasphemy and taboo..they got married and gave birth to 3 boy and 3 girl..my father was the oldest. Naturally , kids of the oldest son will draw a big intrest 2 all relatives ..yea?

    grandpa and grandma has this huge ass land in siburan ...i dont know shit about acres or points..but what i know is its like 4 hills lining up like the four dots of the dice..am not kidding..they grow cocoas, peppers, rambutans, ciku.. but the family's main income comes from the rubber plantation and he has this huge ass pond that he dug out with the help from his 3 son. He says that my dad nearly got washed away by the man made filtergate(its sumhow like a small dam) if it wusnt for his quick thinking, i wont have a dad now, to think of it..there might not b a ME now if it wusnt for my granddad, and his huge ass pond are
    reared with al sorts of fish and eels, theirs this one time i remember whn they are clearing the water in the pond out for next refill of cleaner water ..they caught a this HUGE lee koi *hand gesture* , he stabbed it with his homemade piercegun, it took 3 of them to held it tightly and whn they took it back to the house n threw it into the cemented well, it still stayed alive for like the next few months even with a big hole in the middle of the belly area until its new year and yeah..my grandma decides to cook it ..gee..

    taking abt homemade piercegun, my granddad is also very good in craftmanship, he makes all his tools(hammer handle, netting, spearguns, slingshots...) all by himself..choping woods from our own forest and choosing the suitable wood for crafts, he has this realistic turtle that he carved from a plank of wood where he puts near his bedroom door to hold the door open..the home made piercegun he made is around 8feet++, the metel point alone is already one third the lenght and it made the thing The Predator in Alien Vs Predator holding look like a wussy toothpick...granddad used to make this airgun that shoots out wetted toilet paper in a loud pop with only bamboo shoots, and whn it hits,it made the stray dogs(i think,im not sure if its wolf or dog, you know..forest wad) yelp, and me cussing and bruised..
    and granddad also makes realistic grasshopper with only weed(no, its not marijuana, its just those weed u see by the roadside)..he smokes weed tho ..but tats not the point.

    Everyday my father and his brothers and sister wud have 2 wake up 3 in the morning, take bath in a natural spring by the house, the water is so cold it could even make kenny's coconut balls go blue and shrink into cocoa seeds, walk a mile up hill to the plantation and help granddad collect rubber for my grandma to make into rubber sheets to be sold off to the government...and by the time they are done with their "chorus", they get changed and walk anth 7 miles? (29th mile - 22miles = 7miles) down to 22miles school for chinese, NO im not fyucking u ..its true.. any high class transpottion back then is either bicycle or the trusty CLL(Bus Company) ..but due to the family's poor status ..coughing up money to take rides or buy bicycles for 6 kid is insane, "i can get a cow to get milk or 6 hens to lay egg with the money" said my grandma..

    By the time my dad grew up, graduated and came down to Kuching to work, life is almost unbearable for the rubber plantation owner, the price of rubber dropped like shit, and by 1990, following my second uncle's death in a road accident, granddad left his everything and came down to Kuching, stayed with my family, while my grandma stayed with my youngest uncle. At that time i grew even more closer to my granddad, everything was like grandad this grandad that, we stayed near kenyalang that time, every evening i wud bug my granddad continuosly to go to kenyalang park to buy me toys and "tauhu hua"...he keeps his money in a plasticbag wrapped with old "greatwall" calender paper..we used to walk to kenyalang park and everytime we walk there i wud count the steps we took 1,2,3,4,5... and count again on the way home..granddad always ask me to count carefully and if both the trip we took has our step balanced out, the weekend wud b a special night, movie! ..i have to admit because of the temptation, i cheated a few times( just a few times) faking counts to balance the step..just to go for the movie ..i still remember the number of steps we took, 640 + - !

    following years came, and by 1996 whn i grew up to be of much a bigger boy, granddad grew old too..and his health is going downhill day by day.. by mid year of 1997, he left..i swear that night i still can remember clearly..granddad was send to the general hospital.. by early next morning ..he left us..he left me...i told myself to b strong, i broke down whn the 1st rednail were hammered onto the coffin, i hide myself in the back of the van and weep whn they bury my granddad. i wan to be there.. but i just coudnt..

    I went back to kenyalang 2 weeks ago arnd midnight for a slow walk..i dont know why i did that, i walked the path we used to walk, i counted in my heart aloud. as much as i want the walk to be 640 steps..i finish both trip with only les then half the number, only then i realized...Times change, People change and grow up.. but memories will always be in the heart. I love You Grandpap!

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-28 at 4/28/2005 | |


    My dad is stingy..........
    I was discussing with my father about a new alarm system for my car to replace the old 1..

    Me: Tailou(tats how i call him usually), I saw a alarm kit at xxx shop, got immobilizer 1...so cheap u know, only 300RM..

    Dad: Wad for u get a alarm..u see ur shock and ur tire? already nid 2 change already..and u see ur reverse sensor oso rosak..u tink they want 2 steal ur car?..steal ur car oso nid 2 repair, wad for steal?

    Me: ....

    Mom: alah alah, kny go mami car take the steering lock and use it for the meantime.

    Me: .....

    My brother is so disgustingly bored,noshit,so bored he even affect me..he asked me,

    Di: Kny ah , u say if we were stranded in a abandon island, i think i can survive wad. U see ah..whn i shit i can eat my shit and shit again and eat it up again and shit ...and same goes with my pee, drink and pee n drink n pee again, u noe..

    Me: no lah dammit u think u can eat how many time this shit b4 the nutrition of it run out and eventually u die of antibiotic failure?..

    Di: oh ya hoh...

    Im goin damai for the coming holiday, USH!

    Me: eH al, u think wad kinda food we must bring to Damai hah?...

    Al: eH kwenie(female frend), kny ask u to remember to buy enough food for Damai ah...

    Kwenie: Hanlah , got beer and hungkee liaw still nid wad food?

    Al: fuiyoh...terror...see u usually kuai kuai , talk so ganas ..

    Kwenie: aiyah..normally at home knot like tat mah..now go damai of coz wan af fun lah..

    Al: den u bring ur bikini oso ok ?

    Kwenie: wear oso for kny mah ..hoh kny?

    Me: wtf?!....

    Im not trying 2 b funny ok ..so dont bother thinking the joke i tell is not funny...it aint jokes..its jes how all the conversation goes..

    By: Kenny | at 4/28/2005 | |


    This is a test post from Photobucket.com

    Iv link a new link far down below the page bside the sitecounter, its frm lainie ...its a cool page,check it out.

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-25 at 4/25/2005 | |


    You know all those annoying people who talk into their cell phones as if you weren't standing right next to them? It turns out that many of them aren't really talking to anybody. Resource from The New York Times recently described research at Rutgers University as well as the Ethics and Public Policy Center that found that a great number of cell phone users are faking it.

    A number of people make fake phone calls on their cell phones just for the benefit of those around them.

    When A is late for work, while walking into office towards his cubicle. Pretending to be talking to an important client,

    A: Hello! Yes Mr Yamamoto suzuki kawasaki..Iv reach my office already, I'll get back to u as soon as I read your fax.

    Others pretend they get a call when they don't want to talk to someone who's standing right in front of them.

    B: (saw C the ass kisser walking toward him)*reach in pocket and take out cellphone*, Oh hello Jim *cover reciever* sorry C I'll talk to u later.. Yes Jim, you were saying..blablabla

    Not surprisingly, some of those big deals you hear people negotiate on the phone are just done to impress those within earshot.

    C: What now Murcel?..Oh really?! Thats great, so when do we meet Mr Trumph for the Signing ceremony?..

    Men will pretend to be on a call as they walk over to hit on a woman.

    GUY: Do i have to make all the decision myself, Mark? So why do i hire you for? Im having my half year holiday now and i think i can trust you with my things?
    GUY: Hello baby, whats your name? *points at phone* good assistants are hard to find nowdays..pft..

    Women will pretend to be on a call to avoid getting hit on by men.

    GIRL: *talk on phone* Yes honey, will be back in a while, oh yah, i left some patpoh herbal tea in the fridge for you, you know you always work midnight shift, just heat it in the microwave ok? pls do drink ok? Its also good for the shotgun wound from the terorrist you caught last week...

    It stinks ok!! It was bad enough when I thought people were being rude, talking loudly about their personal lives to someone while looking right at me. Now I find out that they're being rude and not even talking to anybody! Until now, whenever I've seen crazy drivers on the phone swerve all over the road or come to an inexplicable stop, I've always felt they were just making a call that could probably wait until the drive was over.
    I'd pull up next to them and give them the traditional shake of the head and dirty look. They're not putting our lives in danger because they're ordering a pizza delivered to their house. They're doing it because they want us to notice their new Defi Tachometer on their dashboard or New SE Z1010.

    We're all probably pretty understanding when someone we're sharing an elevator with is talking baby talk into his cell phone, ending with, "Daddy will be home soon." But now that we know that "Daddy" might not even have a kid, and might be talking to the weather forecast, we may not be so forgiving next time.
    And that's a problem, because next time, "Daddy" might be real, and I don't want to tell some guy to get off the phone because he's faking it only to learn that he's really talking to his sick kid. So, these fakers have the potential to make the rest of us the bad guys.

    The only way to deal with this is to fight faking with faking.
    When you're waiting to get off a plane and the guy next to you makes that call
    GUY: We're just pulling into the gate, and I'll call you from the baggage.

    You can top it with,
    Me:"This is the last time I fly commercial. I'll meet you at the helicopter."

    When that obnoxious businessman shouts into his phone, declaring he's about to make a fortune because he was clever enough to buy NIKKEI at 226, you can always talk into yours and say, "What's that? NIKKEI is down to 215½? Well, at least I sold in time."

    And maybe we'll be tempted to resort to the ultimate defensive tactic. When we're surrounded by callers talking away on their electronic pals, we can always take out our cellular and say, "I understand, Dr.Liew. I know my SARS is contagious *coughCough*, Im on my way to GH now. Thank you for your concern."

    Maybe that will at least give us a few minutes of silence.

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-23 at 4/23/2005 | |


    Got the yeti sport pingu version frm lainie's site..

    Original Pingu smacking

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This is the furthers i went..so 2 say.. 323.4

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This is the most accurate i went... 200.1 (KNN)

    Original Original Pingu smacking?

    Beautiful version?
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Bloody Pingu smacking

    As for the bloody version this is the furthers..
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com


    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    EKEKEKE..........Friendly match any1? no fish talk...

    By: Kenny | at 4/23/2005 | |


    A long long time ago,whn i was still working in JB wif a bunch of baskets and a mute who can give damn chun damacai,toto and 4d numbers...

    Frend: WUAH, some1 got a new camera phone,Nokia 6100i.

    Me: hohoho, shiok-nyeh. i can take photo of ahmad farting, and ah bu chomping donw his food like a pig and...bla bla bla

    Frend: ok lah..since u so cocky..let me whip out nokia 3310i..*dig pocket*

    Me: huh? 3310 got "i" version already?!

    Frend: *show*!

    Me: eh KNN...this normal 3310 leh! 3310 dammit where got "i"?!

    Frend: eH babi kau kny..ni kan 3310i mah! tengok ..."i" *point at self* punya 3310 *wave handfon*...3310i,betul sik?

    Me: *bubblefoaminginmouth*

    Frend2: eH macha,belanja air lah boss, dahaga lah..

    KNY chasing 2 fubugger arnd with a forklift.......

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-20 at 4/20/2005 | |

    HAPPY BDAY!!!!!

    Happy Happy birthday biebie, love u 2 bits...

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-19 at 4/19/2005 | |

    coz everyone havin more sex than me, UH UH~~(SFW)

    bunny sex

    COmon wad were u thinking u perv...hehe,aw dont hide tat grin..we all r a lil perv at times..

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-18 at 4/18/2005 | |

    The Auditor

    Within the environmentally hostile confines of the Berkeley Pit lives perhaps Superfund's most amazing paradox. Its name is `` The Auditor.''

    Its genus is Canus, but its species...if indeed there ever were another single dog like it on the planet...would be nothing other than extraordinarius.

    This mysterious mongrel has called the 5,000-acre contaminated expanse of the Berkeley Pit federal Superfund site, combined with Montana Resources' active mine permit area, its home since 1986. Ironically, its only help in surviving has come from the compas sion of miners.

    And now I give you. The Auditor

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    As a rule, feeding time around 7 p.m. is the only time The Auditor can be expected to appear in all his unsightly glory. For the rest of his waking hours, he roams the vastness of his toxic home in elusiveness, sometimes miss ing for weeks, even in the dead of winter. In these instances like a drunk disappears on a bender, the small group of people who care for the dog have feared his death more than once. But just as he got his name, he's always shown up.

    And the water here is lethal, should you suppose he walks on that.

    In 1995, the deceptively calm surface of the Pit infamously claimed the lives of 342 snow geese that made the mistake of a migratory stop.

    `` It's unbelievable how it could live in a place that's supposed to be so toxic,'' says local veterinarian Ed Peretti. `` He's one tough dog, I'll tell you that.''

    Dog spends 16 years at toxic waste site,comes out looking like a sheep..now you tell me...

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-16 at 4/16/2005 | |


    I remember how it was like when im back in middleschool.The time when im fancy with mariah carey's "Honey" or P.Diddy's(back then he was Puff Daddy) "Money".

    Anyways, thats not my point,but you get what i mean.

    I remember how it was the best time of the day coming home from school,in the afternoon n calling the girl that i fancy and talk alot of crap , and it still is, the happiest time being.

    Me: hello,hello!! is ah lian* thr?
    Me: whr got, i didnt c u leh 2day recess...

    So happy until i dont even know the time passes very fast,until its time for dinner.

    Me: eh,u got see the movie yesterday.shiok lah..
    Me: no leh, i am not doing anything wad, talking to u what...
    Me: n den ?..

    But when it comes to the end of the month, when the bill is send to my house, the horror.basket horror!!!


    Yes, the bill is like so expensive, my mom dont even need to go perm her hair at the saloon...

    * names wer altered to protect the poor victim of my stalking n bugging

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-15 at 4/15/2005 | |


    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    hows the idea of a photoblog sound 2 u peeps?..by the way how lazy i am to type..

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-14 at 4/14/2005 | |


    Paranoid Disorder:High
    Schizoid Disorder:Low
    Schizotypal Disorder:High
    Antisocial Disorder:Moderate
    Borderline Disorder:Low
    Histrionic Disorder:Low
    Narcissistic Disorder:High
    Avoidant Disorder:High
    Dependent Disorder:High
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

    -- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --
    -- Personality Disorders --

    Its already freaky looking at my result..Its even freaky that thats how true can it get..=(

    By: Kenny | 2005-04-04 at 4/04/2005 | |

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