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Iv lost my domain name on Tuesday..I really tot it was it...Man..

I decided maybe I might just grow my hair long. I want to be a fucking Hippie. peace mannn..
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I might be out with the boys on the beers. Eating a plate of meat. Bring a spare fucking bog roll love.


I used to live with a Hippie back then when im in Johor..he wud do all the cutting,joint rolling,packing. Our place is near the Pasir Gudang police headquarter, he brought in another cocked eyed hippie, one day after i came home from work, theres speed sprinkled around the room and weeds covering every inch of the floor and bathroom, I was like thinking, if there were to be a police nearby, I'll surely be in a big trouble. And i went into the bathroom and there were like more pills on the cupboard, i took one and i was awake for three whole day or somthing, i wanted to die .

I heard two ridiculous bet in two days straight, 1st it was a bet about a friend driving down from GentingHighland, BACKWARDS!..if he can do it, 300RM. and he did ...fug tat man, i can do that any time..plus i'l pay for the toll below. Anyone up for a bet?

I wont go in much to the second bet coz its a bit too personal, 700RM+BodyFigure+AMonth, go figure..

Anyone up for a bet?


  1. Blogger crazycat | Sunday, May 15, 2005 10:54:00 pm |  

    aiyoh.. u dare to take the pill??? lucky nothnig bad happen to you man... still, must have been bit of fun living with a hippee??

  2. Blogger Wabbit | Monday, May 16, 2005 1:34:00 pm |  

    Wow, u sure are one happening guy . Frankly i have never tried any of those..neither have i tried driving backwards down a hill. So no one stopped to take pics when ur fren did tat?

  3. Blogger Kenny | Monday, May 16, 2005 5:37:00 pm |  

    Kelly: hahah, wad to doo wad to doo...

    Aileen: no lah...they got like 2 cars following, the police booth guard got angry at them, nearly banned them from going back up ..haha

  4. Blogger ben | Tuesday, May 17, 2005 10:53:00 pm |  

    Nice blog, like it.

  5. Blogger Kenny | Thursday, May 19, 2005 9:04:00 pm |  

    thanx ben, enjoy ur stay

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