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Sepia I

It's four in the morning, The cheap "24HOUR LIVESHOW" neon billboard flickered lifelessly, casting sepia into the cheap motel room, on Zerox's face. It has been 48 hours since the incident happened.

The damage has been done, no one could change that. It's tough enough trying to grow and survive everyday in the Moshpit. To grow up in a neighborhood full of racism and gang rivalry. Even the local authority's cant do no shit with the problems at Moshpit, mafias,hooligans and triads are the ones in control of Moshpit. Get the right backbone and one can survive, getting into trouble with any side could easily means getting into big trouble, even worst, get killed...

48 hours ago, Zerox put a triad(group of three) from local traid "HoiSan" down, they crossed the line. The racist trio was taking money from an old drifter, Mc nelson from the neighborhood. HoiSan is a chinese cum traid, running local sauna's, kareaoke and nightclub.

Zerox walked pass when one of them cockeyed him and said, "move it white trash, mind ur own powder ass." while giving him the one finger salute. Normally Zerox whould just let it go, growing up in such neighborhoods over the years somehow taught him ways to stay low and not get into trouble.

But two weeks ago, one of his friend, James were brutally assaulted and beaten to death while on his way to the carpark off work. He was found lying in the ditch at the back of some dirty alley. Rumors has it that James was dating the sister of one of the Hoisan leader. James later on, hooked up with another white girl and thus sending his chinese girlfriend crying and running for her brother.

Everyone took the rumors that spreaded around for the truth, that James knew what his getting into and all he did was of his own cause, but Zerox knew. He knew how the Chinese girl spiked James AK-47 drink and slept with him intentionally, James had no choice but to stay with her when she treatened him if he ever leave her she would tell her brother about him.

With the scene of James lying there in the ditch, with blood all over body, and his face, beaten until it was unrecognisable, playing over and over in his mind. A suddent hatred and flame towards triad explode.

Before Zerox realized it he had already sent the 5'2" china guy flying, slamming head onto the wall and smashed a bottle on another guy's head. He then stabbed the last guy with the broken glass on the throat. The second guy who was hurt on the head tried to pick up a stick, but before he could get a hold on the stick Zerox had already given him another kick on his chin, sending his flying sideways. He then dragged the first guy to the step of the door by the alley, forced his jaws to open up and locating his upper jaws on the ledge, one hard kick on the head and everything went back to silent..

By: Kenny | 2005-05-28 at 5/28/2005 | |


Its a slow day n iv jes got into a lil carried away with my last post...so erm..

Music chain thingy, passed on to me by Kelly

total volume of songs: 10.83 Gig.

the last cd i bought was:
(Original) Incubus - A Crow Left Of The Murder
(Pirated) Maroon5 - Songs About Jane

song playing right now: Mariah Carey Ft Guerilla Black - We Belong Together

Five songs i listen to alot, or mean alot to me:

1. Gothenburg Anthem 2004
2. BT - Godspeed
3. Chicane - Saltwater
4. Art of Noise - Moment in Love
5. Hampton the Hamster - The official Hamster Song (not really lah....erm..ok lah! i like lah...i admit lah!)

Baton pass : Who ever who reads my blog and still didnt get any Baton, BUT B IT XPECIALLY Sharlene

By: Kenny | 2005-05-25 at 5/25/2005 | |

ThunderStorm Prelude

Its 4:30 in the morning,Iv been up for the pass hours, its raining heavily and thunders clapping truout the eve of the morning. Last night, iv having insomnia again..

1st time i met u, it was a beautiful night out, your 1st date, our 1st date. catched a movie and we went for a night stroll before you have to go home. It was a beautiful night with soft wind blowing and moonlight shining brightly. We were walking down the long winding pavement of riverside, you were stepping on the acrylic mosaic embedded on the pavement, trying not to step out of them, you tripped and nearly fall, I put up my hand spontaneously, reflex tells you to grabbed my hand. Our hand never let go the whole night after that.

9 months later, I was screaming on one end of the phone, while you were crying on the other side, cusses and bad remarks were made, you left me. I was lost.

9 months and 1 day later, I found out that you went out with this friend I once knew, anger and irational took over, I got into a whole lot of trouble for that, I swear I was afraid of nothing at that moment, and i was willing to die for you. I won the fight, but is that what i really wanted?

9 months and 6 day later, I give in all my hope, relying on silly hope and lying to myself, trying to believe that maybe, just maybe, you would come back. We went for our dinner, and we took a short stroll before I have to send you home, we were walking down the long winding pavement of riverside once again, the sky is in dark grey, the wind is blowing strongly, lightning can be seen afar. You were stepping on the acrylic mosaic embedded on the pavement, trying not to step out of them, i took a deep breath and hold out my hand, but u hop further n further down the winding path,not looking back even for a while. I send you home after that.

31 months and 24 days later, I sit here. This is my Thunderstorm prelude.

By: Kenny | 2005-05-24 at 5/24/2005 | |

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