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I remember how it was like when im back in middleschool.The time when im fancy with mariah carey's "Honey" or P.Diddy's(back then he was Puff Daddy) "Money".

Anyways, thats not my point,but you get what i mean.

I remember how it was the best time of the day coming home from school,in the afternoon n calling the girl that i fancy and talk alot of crap , and it still is, the happiest time being.

Me: hello,hello!! is ah lian* thr?
Me: whr got, i didnt c u leh 2day recess...

So happy until i dont even know the time passes very fast,until its time for dinner.

Me: eh,u got see the movie yesterday.shiok lah..
Me: no leh, i am not doing anything wad, talking to u what...
Me: n den ?..

But when it comes to the end of the month, when the bill is send to my house, the horror.basket horror!!!


Yes, the bill is like so expensive, my mom dont even need to go perm her hair at the saloon...

* names wer altered to protect the poor victim of my stalking n bugging


  1. Anonymous kimm | Saturday, April 16, 2005 2:27:00 am |  

    wo de tian ah.

    yeah, i remember those days. my dad got so pissed with the phone bill tht he actually cut it off for a couple of months just to teach me a lesson =P

    but after that i got a handphone. MUAHAHAH. =)

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