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A long long time ago,whn i was still working in JB wif a bunch of baskets and a mute who can give damn chun damacai,toto and 4d numbers...

Frend: WUAH, some1 got a new camera phone,Nokia 6100i.

Me: hohoho, shiok-nyeh. i can take photo of ahmad farting, and ah bu chomping donw his food like a pig and...bla bla bla

Frend: ok lah..since u so cocky..let me whip out nokia 3310i..*dig pocket*

Me: huh? 3310 got "i" version already?!

Frend: *show*!

Me: eh KNN...this normal 3310 leh! 3310 dammit where got "i"?!

Frend: eH babi kau kny..ni kan 3310i mah! tengok ..."i" *point at self* punya 3310 *wave handfon*...3310i,betul sik?

Me: *bubblefoaminginmouth*

Frend2: eH macha,belanja air lah boss, dahaga lah..

KNY chasing 2 fubugger arnd with a forklift.......


  1. Blogger crazycat | Friday, April 22, 2005 10:17:00 pm |  

    u still know that guy who can give chun toto or 3D numbers? i need some zhen zhi...

  2. Blogger Kenny | Saturday, April 23, 2005 12:57:00 pm |  

    cat:hahah. his a mute lah...im not in the same state like him now..so i cant get him..or call him obviously..y wud u want a number?..=(( i nid money 2 ..hehe

  3. Blogger crazycat | Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:02:00 pm |  

    i need number for obvious reason, u not the only one who needs money mah.. ;p

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