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I used to work in a sparepart shop selling big lorry spareparts and stuff. i had the most utterly dispicable boss,

i was carrying a leafspring(for those who dont know wad a leaf spring is go fug urself)..lets just say its not the most light thing to be carried arnd ..whn i hit my head on the rollershutter with a big bang..the blardy thing decided to slip down and i wasnt aware of it..

walkietalkie conversation,

Boss: aiyoh! wad so loud at the back ..something fell..

Al: no lah boss, kny knock on the rollershutter.

Boss: WAH! So loud, still ok?

Al: Still ok lah..still can move around and carry things.

Boss: wad move around, i say the rollershutter ok o not!


on other note..kennychai.com is taken..=( now dont u ppl go clicking on it and give the guy traffic..



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