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Bo yah! Weekend was great...mostly about car ...boys what ..Its natural only for us to do wad guys do best right?..

on the other note my Tv decided to die on me on Saturday afternoon, it just went *tHub* and shut off...sended it to b fixed..the Tv guy say it doesn't look so good..and my dad's not the only one feelin cold in the gut...my sister is goin insane without any Tv ..without any Taiwan drama..meheheh..

Streamyx is being such a bitch again ..since the 1st time i got my broadband, it had been down almost everytime in the most outrageous time eg. SATURDAY SUNDAY!...i swear those streamyx operator is giggling and mocking us user when we called in to ask if there's anyway the line could b fixed..

Me: hello,i called to make a complain about the streamyx line down.

Operator#1: Streamyx ah?..tunggu ah..

*insert bluehippo theme song and imagine off on2 see-ing a big BLUE hippo hopping around singing happy tunes about how the broadband in malaysia can cook steak,bring the dog to the park to pee, help your mom clean the dishwasher filter,help your dad fix the cupboard in the garage and not to mention also revolutionized and help every single man in M'sia hooping in2 the line of high speed connection making life easier for lil kids to load the ever so long porn sites*

yes..its as long as you readers take time to read the above statment and wonder what the biscuit i am talking about

Operator#2: hallo, streamyx helpline.

Me: Yes, Im Mr Chai from , telephone number , the line has been down since this afternoon.

O#2: Oh, Mr?

Me: Chai.

O#2: Chia?

Me: No, Chai, C-H-A-I.

O#2: From?

Me: .

O#2: Ok, No telepon?

Me: *So Mah Hai* .

O#2: Ok, do you check if your line is plug in correctly?

Me: Yes, I didnt even touch the line, it just happen to jam and no more data pack is transfering.

O#2: did you try to turn it off and on again?

Me: Yes, Numerous times..

O#2: Are you using our Telecome Modem?

Me: Yes, but i'v link it onto my router for the houses wireless connection.

O#2: What? Router?

Me: Router, for the house wireless connections, wireless router.

O#2: Oh..like this ah..you hold on a while ok.

*insert Siti Nurhaliza singing Hotlink,telling you that you must definately choose the service provider,they have the cheap ass rate running and it only cost 15cent per sms,and if you hurry u might also get the limited addition 1Gigabyte SIM card*

ok i might have exagerate some part, the 15cent part...

O#3: hello, streamyx helpline.

Me: yes, Im calling to file the complain about my streamyx down?

O#3: Nama tuan?

PFAH! i decided to not give a fuck and hang up already. Blardy Cho hai tiu nia seng ma hai...

And yes, my aircond is disfuctioning also, No its a very high tech Air-cond with those build in ionizer and puree2 shitz..yes the 1 with a standalone compressor, not those single unit Aircon kononneh tat need you to drill a hole as big as texas to be installed, and can make sound as if there's gorilla mating in the middle of the night after you turn it on for too long.

The blardy built in thermometer kept sending fake infomation telling the central unit the room is already 20 degree when even a ratarded platypus can tell its hotter then the tight sweatshirt of an old hag joggin on a friday afternoon, trying to prove that his strong enough cause he can jog for hrs in the resevoir park goin circle after circle whilst me panting like a stbenard in africa.

Heck i even tried to *blow* hot air towards the thermometer to make it raise up to higher temperature until i finally have a asmathic attack and decided to just go to bed naked.

wad a weekend, bliss.


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