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secret setups

setting up secreat-ly is exciting...iv seen wad my frend had done with her blogger page...its amazing..since iv already like have 2 blog account..it sumhow shows how ppl might tink i am..yes..a lazy guy who always says he wants 2 start new start new start new...without staying long n devoting on wad he does..i dont really have any defending on tat..considering iv already change my job like 4~5 times..n i might jes change anth any time soon...

i dont know if i can really let everything out in this blog..considering tat i might somehow someday b a itch n start sending ppl i know in2 thiz blog again..tat might put a limit on wad i want or feel like posting...oh well let the unknown clear itself someday...


  1. Blogger cynical-idealist | Wednesday, March 09, 2005 10:26:00 am |  

    kewl background!!

  2. Blogger Kenny | Wednesday, March 09, 2005 6:44:00 pm |  

    tats y i use the name ma...thanx 4 the help

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