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there's this huge Post in the newspaper today about a man killing his whole family(wife,2 kids) and then committed quad suicide in Singapore..Why? Simple...M-O-N-E-Y.
cause of pressure and threat given by Loansharks The guy was said borrowing money from the neighbor and relatives,without any aid or help from anyone,he was forced to end his own life, taking his beloved wife and 2 children aged 12ish and 4ish,feeding them all bleach water mixed milk for the kids and wine for the wife. After making sure everyone is dead he put all of them on the masterbed and proceed in committing Quad suicide(drink bleach mixed wine,cut wrist,cut throat & jump out of their apartment).
That my friends...shows how helpless we are sometimes..

was browsing around the net and shockingly came across this article about humans being able to be invisible...Yes INVISIBLE my friends...After all this years of Harry potter covering himself with a cloak given to him by his late father, or the perverted old man that knows jitsu of invisibility in the old jap animation Ranma 1/2...or the sicklame joke about Superman,invisible man and wonderwoman..


Net-gen optical camouflage is busting out of defense labs and into the street.
This is technology you have to see to believe.

Invisibility Cloak

Tachi's cloak - a shiny raincoat that serves as a movie screen, showing imagery from a video camera positioned behind the wearer - is more gimmick than practical prototype.Oh yes...James Bond's disappearing Aston-Martin...Oo

Its already almost 6pm...im having my dinner...FREE LUITEH-hakka soup rice mix vegi thingy with bitter soup(i know...it sounds like what the kitchen sink would eat,but trust me ,its delicious)from dads friends stall...
the guys closing early...so he gave the food to my dad and for me ..Yay.


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