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Life itself...

I still remember how it was back when I was in Johor. That night,I was walking alone aimlessly on the streets of downtown JohorBaru, Thinking of myself, I've naturally grown to be not successful academically, but I have a good stamina and learning sense, working overshift, graveyardshift, controlling the operation within warehouse and shipment side, changing and thinking for a better, more reliable import&export system is a normal everyday thing, why only after a sudden change of company politics, I've gave up what I had been working for. The thought of
some people gaining previledge over the circumstances and relation, I suddently feel more lonely and useless.

I walked into a Japanese restaurant, ordered a few servings, and sat alone by the window. An Japanese old man in his 60s came over and sat beside me, I was shock at first but he told me that he is a friend of the owner of the Japanese restaurant, he offered me some beer, we had some light conversation, eventho the converse is not really appropriate for two stranger, but the meaning behind them are just pure care, we sat and talked,he told me how he came to Malaysia after his wife died young because of cancer and his children leaving him for their own separate life and I told and asked him for his opinion of my state.

He told me a story,

Everyone is walking up the stair of the apartment, some had already reach home; some had already took off their shoes and lay comfortably on their couch,watching TV; some are already having their dinner with their beloved family. Companion of walking up the stair reduced one by one, IM feeling more and more tired, hungry and thirsty. Why haven't I reach home? Why has everyone reach their home. YES, because my apartment is on the top floor. My motto and life goal is a floor higher than other people, so I need to submit to more loneliness and hardness....

Before parting and saying goodbye, He said "Young man, you can forget all of what we had talked about tonight, but please bear in mind the story I told you,"

I said "Thank you sir, IM grateful for tonight and goodbye."

It was because of this story, iv opened my mind and start over again, working harder for my future.
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  1. Blogger Wilson | Wednesday, March 30, 2005 4:12:00 pm |  

    yeah go Kenny!! that the spirit, never give up. I also feel stress, but if we easily defeted by our stress, what else can we do in the future. btw, what, and where are you working now?

  2. Anonymous kimm | Thursday, March 31, 2005 12:00:00 am |  

    kenie making a comeback.

    i'll be keeping a keen watch on your road to success. leave me some bread crumbs yea?

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