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Google/Nookie/Art of Aeroplane

Was google-ing for my name and look wad iv found , one of the KNY is from a cambodian buddhist society and made a poster for cambodian new year 2002 and the other KNY is this girl from russia having a page dedicated for doing deviantarts

well well seems like every other KNY is doing just fine with their lifes doing artsy stuff...i should be more artistic..yes..i think i'll jes take my G3 out for some photo taking..oh..i borrowed my mom for her China trip...hope its doing fine...

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst is suing 10 Web site operators who posted the rocker's homemade sex tape after it was stolen from his computer -- possibly by the same hackers who got into reality-television star Paris Hilton's cell phone.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court last week, seeks more than $70 million in damages and any profits the site operators reaped in recent weeks, when the 3-minute clip of Durst and a former girlfriend began appearing on the Internet..

Heck $70 Mil...thats enought to cover the superstars appealing beergut liposuction..disturbing as it may sound ...but i happend to only saw it from one of the stupid videos website...its him aiight..

On otherhand,what are friends for,

Me: oi,im goin out for lunch.

Al: ohkey, wait for me im coming.

Me: Sure, Alex is tagging along too.

(an hr later)

Me: Where the heck are you? its almost an hr already alex?

Alex: I dicided 2 bail out on lunch,im home already.

Me: Den fuck why didnt u call?!

Alex: Cell No credit liaw...

Yes, Al and Alex both bailed out on me..Al didnt even pick up my calls after that..blah!im goin for lunch myself.


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