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goldfish/peer pressure

Went out with on of my client today and drop by a aquapet house to get some fish for my collections of fishes..a few died lately, apperantly its because of the over powerful fish filter pump...they died stciking on the suction tube like a "U" shape...poor fishes..and poor wallet of mine for keep refilling the tank with new fishes..i move the suction tube up a lil bit ..hopefully the fish wont have any accident anymore..

I saw this ghey type goldfish at the pethouse, it has this 2 big transparent bubble like gills on both side..and its selling at a price of 21RM per fish, under the name China bubble..21RM is a very heavy price for a goldfish ...and the shop owner tried to persuade me into buying a pair..too bad im not such a big fan in goldfish ...heck if i were..i might just buy the whole tank of em..

Whn your friends say "hey! i saw u that day at Jln Song, shiok hoh ..drive like that..i cant even make it to ur tail." now tats compliment..

But whn your aunty says "aiyoh, Kny that day i saw you at Jln Song, you drive so fast past the cars, i thought it was ur mummy, but after i think it couldnt be." IN FRONT OF YOUR DAD. now tats deep shit..basket..

apperantly, i dont really give a banana what they say. time is precious to me ..Baha.


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