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Fuel Gauge/Snake Water

Went out with the gang again tonight, well it's nothing new actually,iv been wasting my whole 3 years time spending almost everynight hanging out at the local mamak stall with the gang, my dad decided to take my car tonight to meet up with his younger brother(my uncle)for some drinking of their own,my mom went to China again for a 16 day purchasing trip...I was driving half way when he called

Dad: oi! How come the car fuel gauge not moving?and the meters and all also not moving?

Me: Wad do u mean not moving?The car wont function correctly if the gauges and all's are not moving.

Dad: yalah, i went to refill the fuel for the car and the ....Oh wait...the speedometer is moving again,but the fuel gauge is still at the same notch.

Me: how much fuel u refill?

Dad: 30RM.

Me: Its normal wad.u cant expect it to be full when u only refill 30RM worth of fuel, u think still like last time?..before the price raise?..

Dad: You need to get another Fuel Cost Efficiency Mobile fast.

BUSH AND OILs?..Pfft..

Was at the mamak stall sipping away a local refreshing drink known to cool the throat, talking to the gang when suddently i noticed something in my drink..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

WTF is that broken transparent capsule thing in my drink?!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If that was what we think it was...im so screwed...am i gonna die ?...or mutate into something like CockroachMan.Im off to bed...but before that im gonna take a few sip of Chivas Greentea,just to kill incase theres something in me..Bliss...


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